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2nd January
written by Richard

In the matter of requiring prisoners in the county jail to perform labor, a resolution . . . to compel prisoners to work on the roads and streets was adopted. In the matter of the getting balls and chains for chain gang . . . the Sheriff was authorized to secure six balls with the necessary chains, for a chain gang. —San Diego Union, January 18, 1883.

The story of the chain gangs in 19th century San Diego: Read: Back on the Chain Gang

San Diego Union, Mar. 21, 1888

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  1. Gary Page

    I used to work in the San Diego City Clerk’s Office and a number of years ago I was going through some old documents and found a law from the 1860’s that prohibited the gathering of more than, I think it was, 2 Indians at a time on a public street.
    Sometimes it was the law that were the criminals in old San Diego. I also came across a report from a special investigator for the governor that reported on how the local citizens, including a number of local leaders in government and business, in 1912 forced some union organizers (the IWW or Wobblies) to walk a gauntlet. Some were also tarred and feathered. The state investigator compared the city government to czarist Russia because of its brutal policies and suppression of free speech. One good account is

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