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22nd April
written by Richard

In May 1991, San Diego Union staff writer Roger Showley interviewed nearly a dozen local historians to get their favorite picks for books on local history.   Here’s what the historians suggested . . .

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  1. Eldonna Lay

    Congratulations, yours is a badly needed site. And the booklist makes it
    a great deal easier for people to know what they’re looking for. It would
    be even more helpful if they knew where these books were usually
    available … and if in a library, mention whether they can be checked out
    or must be read on site.

    Will put you, Richard, and your website in the El Cajon Historical Society
    newsletter. If the board wants, are you agreeable for us to put it on
    our website?

  2. Richard

    Eldonna, regrettably the list is nearly twenty years old and certainly could be updated. (Maybe Roger Showley can be talked in to revisiting the topic.) Many of the books listed as In Bookstores are now out of print. But others have been updated and are better than ever. Good examples are Richard Carrico’s Strangers Than in a Stolen Land and Iris Engstrand’s San Diego: California’s Cornerstone–both published by Sunbelt.

    All the books are available in public libraries. An online catalog search will tell where:

    And yes, Eldonna, go ahead and mention the site in the newsletter. Thanks!

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