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4th October
written by Richard

Each fall, thousands of tourists make their way to the scenic hill town of Julian, California.   Since the late 1800s, October has been “apple time” in historic Julian.  Click here for the history of The Apples of Julian.


  1. Jarmila


    I’d like to use your Julian picture for my website. I can’t find a contact form on your site to request permission to use it.

    Would you be so kind as to contact me and let me know if you would grant permission to use your photo or not?

    Thank you so much,

  2. 10/08/2011

    Jarmilla, are you referring to the road sign photo or the photo of the James Madison orchard? The sign is free to use without any credit. The Madison photo can be cited for its original source, which is Gunn’s Picturesque San Diego (1887).

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