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28th November
written by Richard

They called them the “White Flyers of the Pacific.” The sister ships Yale and Harvard were the fastest steamships on the California coast. Between 1911 and 1936—with a few years lost to World War I–the way to travel in style from San Diego to Los Angeles to San Francisco was by coastal steamship on the white liners.

The story of San Diego’s Harvard and Yale.

SS Yale

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  1. Lois Akers Johnson

    I was aboard the Harvard when it sunk in 1931. I was 7 months old. I wish i could remember it , but I have loved the stories i heard about it growing up. Our lifeboat was picked up by the Louisville. My mother appreciated the hot coffee and turkey dinner they served. My father’s lifeboat arrived at the Louisville much later. We were happy no one was lost.

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