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13th January
written by Richard

Harry Houdini in a familiar theatre pose.

A vaudeville act that is without its equal in the world today has been secured for the Grand theater . . . Harry Houdini, the noted handcuff and jail breaker, will give exhibitions of his skill here.  –San Diego Union, Oct. 5, 1907

In the fall of 1907, Harry Houdini, soon to be known as the world’s greatest magician and escape artist, came to San Diego to display his skills before crowded theater audiences . . .

The story of Houdini in San Diego.

29th April
written by Richard

The arrival of the British tall ship Dudhope in San Diego harbor on November 30, 1914 was an impressive sight.  Describing her “massive yards and mast and the white sails hauled tight by the brisk breeze” the Union called the 2000-ton tall ship a “marine spectacle.”

 The steel-hulled bark had the historic distinction being the last cargo-carrying windjammer to enter San Diego via the storied Cape Horn route.  But the ship would be better remembered for a surprising mutiny.

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