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8th February
written by Richard

On Wednesday morning the United State cruiser San Diego will be formally rechristened in San Diego’s harbor . . . No city on the California coast has been so signally honored by the government, and the fact that a modern war vessel with its hundreds of men will carry the name of San Diego to all parts of the United States and the world is worthy of a celebration.
–San Diego Union, September 14, 1914.

The story of the USS San Diego, the city’s famed battle cruiser of World War I: USS San Diego.

USS San Diego

12th June
written by Richard

The city of San Diego has been the namesake for two U.S. Navy ships with distinguished careers in the two world wars. The armored cruiser USS San Diego served in World War I before its sinking by a German mine off the New York coast in 1918. Another USS San Diego would fight in World War II, remembered by San Diego author Fred Whitmore as “the unbeatable ship that nobody ever heard of.”  Read more about the USS San Diego of World War II.