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22nd July
written by Richard

Ever been here? If love you local history, genealogy, or rare books, this the place. Here’s a 30 minute tour. But consider it just a preview. Then come visit us on the 9th floor of the Central Library.

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  1. Hello. I’m trying to reach Mr. Richard W. Crawford. I’ve sold my book, Fascinating True Tales from Old California, to TwoDot Publishing (a nonfiction imprint of Globe Pequot/Rowman Littlefield). One of the stories is about Pegleg Smith, and I’m following up on the review you provided for Choral Pepper’s book, Desert Lore of Southern California. Choral Pepper included the story about receiving blackened gold nuggets from a man who claimed to have found Pegleg’s treasure. Thus, she believed that the story of Pegleg finding the gold nuggets in the mid-1800s was actually true. But one of the people I recently spoke to said that he believed Choral Pepper printed this story to “boost sales” of her magazine. So, before I add Mrs. Pepper’s account about the gold, I need to make sure that nothing else has been researched to verify or disprove that her story was valid. If you have any ideas about where I can find more information, or anyone with whom I can speak about the topic, I would appreciate your help. Thanks very much.

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