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16th September
written by Richard

In the early 1900s, the ultimate status symbol for a business tycoon in America was a luxurious, ocean-going yacht. A personal mark of opulence in San Diego was the 226-foot steam yacht Venetia, owned by John Diedrich Spreckels. Read more about Spreckels’ famed yacht: The Venetia.

The “Venetia” leaving San Diego in 1924. From Adams, The Man: John D. Spreckels.


  1. Kathy Featherstone

    You missed the last owner-from 1939 to 1963,it was owned by Robert S.Misener.In 1963(until 1968)it sat in Powell’s Shipyard in Dunnville,Ontario to be cut up for scrap.This info came from the Great Lakes Vessels Online Index.Bowling Green State University

  2. 08/11/2010

    Great catch, Kathy. Thanks so much for sharing this. –Rick

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