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22nd October
written by Richard

“A big rain is coming,” predicted Henry Cooper, Escondido’s celebrated, amateur weather prognosticator. The Escondido Weather Prophet, as he was known, spoke in early February 1927, predicting a major storm for later in the month. “We shall have copious rains all along the coast,” Cooper declared, “with assured runoff from a heavy mantle of snow in the mountains.”

Read the story of one of San Diego’s biggest rain years: the Flood of 1927.

Mission Valley under water, Feb. 1927.

Mission Valley under water, Feb. 1927.

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  1. Kathleen Winchester

    My father said that my Grandfather took him to a spot overlooking the Valley and said “You will never see this again” and he still remembers this as he is 87.
    Grandfather was on the SDPD during the 20’s. 30’s and 40’s and was in on many historical events throughout time. My Dad remembers everything!

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