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11th May
written by Richard

The dairy industry was once big business in San Diego. In the 1950s, dairy products were the third largest agricultural product in the county. One in fifteen San Diegans were connected in some way to dairying, according to one estimate. Mission Valley, today’s center of shopping malls and condominiums, was filled with dairy farms.

It began in the 1880s . . . the Dairies of Mission Valley.

Before freeways, sports stadiums, and shopping malls. Special Collections, San Diego Public Library


  1. 19/09/2014

    Looking for the name and location (business address) of a dairy that was located (1930’s 1940’s)on Mission Gorge Rd. near what is now the Big Rock & Mission Gorge Rd. area. It may have been located near the 8100 block of Mission Gorge Rd. (South side of Mission Gorge). Dan

  2. Marilyn

    It was Miller’s Dairy

  3. sam

    It was not Miller’s Dairy. Miller’s Dairy was located on Skyline Dr., in Lemon Grove.

  4. Greg Bishop

    MILLER DAIRY: OK. Help with more detail, please…. Was it WEST of Skyline Drive? Was the entrance (in the early 60’s) on the SOUTH side of MT VERNON? I seem to recall very nice landscaping at the entrance?

    Does anyone recall the address? People talk about it in newspapers and blogs, BUT they don’t give a detailed location. With no sign of its existence today, that seems pretty important.

    I lived in Lemon Grove from about age 6 (1951) to around age 16 (1961), then again in I believe the mid-to-late 70’s. Hilltop Drive, Adams Street, Massachusetts Avenue.

  5. John Stanton

    Knudson had a distribution center out that way. But the only actual dairy I remember anywhere close to there (Santee) was Alta Dena.

  6. Steve Martinez

    Hello Dave:

    The dairy was on the south side of skyline. Bordered by one block before Dayton drive.

    Used to live in That area when I was a kid. You can tell where it was by the housing track called Miller’s something.

    Thanks for your attention,
    S. Martinez

  7. Gary

    Golden Arrow Dairy was the dairy near the “pits” along Mission Gorge near Zion

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