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2nd January
written by Richard

In the matter of requiring prisoners in the county jail to perform labor, a resolution . . . to compel prisoners to work on the roads and streets was adopted. In the matter of the getting balls and chains for chain gang . . . the Sheriff was authorized to secure six balls with the necessary chains, for a chain gang. —San Diego Union, January 18, 1883.

The story of the chain gangs in 19th century San Diego: Read: Back on the Chain Gang

San Diego Union, Mar. 21, 1888

17th February
written by Richard

James Russell with his “Lobe” chute. Courtesy San Diego Air & Space Museum

In the “Air Capital of the West,” a young parachute designer named James Russell leaped from airplanes to test his own experimental designs. Russell parachutes were standard equipment for both military and civilian flyers. The story of “The Pioneer of Parachutes.”

16th July
written by Richard

A bold, daring and successful attempt at jail breaking occurred at the county jail this morning before daylight. . . Four desperate characters, conspired together to break for liberty, and after careful, premeditated plans, succeeded in gaining liberty. . .

Read about the first successful escape from the San Diego County jail: Jail Break